Saturday August 27, 2016

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Register for Classes on Mindbody and Post Scores to Whiteboard

Part A:
AMRAP in 14 minutes:
Run 200m

**Partner A will start completed as many burpees as possible (must touch a bar/rings 6 inches above head each rep). While Partner A is doing burpees, Partner B will be sprinting 200m. When they get back the partners will switch. The goal is to accumulate as many burpees as possible within the time frame. At the 14 minute mark, rest 3 minutes and then move to part B.

Part B:
3 Rep Bear Complex for max weight

**For this portion of the workout, you and your partner will have 8 minutes to complete the heaviest 3RM Bear Complex you can. You cannot set the bar down on the ground to rest or readjust. You can rest or readjust anywhere else. If you rest or readjust on the ground, you must start your 3 rep cycle from the beginning. The score will be your heaviest cycle added to your partner’s heaviest cycle.