Friday August 17, 2018


4 rounds of:

30 second plank hold

immediately into,

AMRAP of unbroken handstand push-ups

**Rest 2 minutes between rounds


**A missed rep or excessive amount of rest constitutes as the stopping point on your set.

**Modify to push-ups on your feet.  Make sure you technique is on point!  If you catch yourself breaking through the mid section (aka worming), taking a big rest break on the top or bottom positions, etc…stop. Be honest.


**If you need to modify to knee push-ups, the workout will look like:

AMRAP in 10 minutes of:

30 second plank

24 Shoulder Tap  Knee Push-ups (see below for the sequence)

30 second hollow rock hold


Shoulder Tap Knee Push-ups

Push-up Position on knees, Chest to the deck, shoulder tap right hand to right shoulder, chest to the deck, shoulder tap left hand to left shoulder, etc…