All of us at one time or another were helpless, not capable of moving, feeding ourselves, or dressing ourselves.  We weren’t even capable of showing how old we were with our fingers until someone taught us how.  Remember the first time you rode a bike, drove a car, or stood on a slack line?  All of these tasks were once incredibly hard, challenging, and forced us to question our own abilities.

However, we made the decision to practice, get a parent or a coach to help us learn the skills we needed to get the job done.  We took driver’s ed, or watched video tutorials to get tips and tricks for success.  No matter what the method, we recognized a weakness and took the necessary steps to become victorious!

CrossFit is no different, although often times we see folks that are afraid to take it to the next level.  “I’ll never get muscle-ups or climb that rope.” I hear it all the time.  Truth be told, you will get those skills if you practice, get coaching, and make it a priority.  YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR OUTLOOK AND YOUR LIFE FOREVER!

Take the opportunity that is coming up on September 2nd.  Take the Skillz-N-Goalz challenge and refuse to stop growing!  Just because you are an adult now doesn’t mean you can’t learn new tricks!

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