All of us procrastinate.  It’s true and there is no denying that.  Whether it be cleaning the bathrooms, doing our homework, or starting the project that will change our lives forever.  It happens.  The typical answer we give for not beginning a project is that we don’t have enough time because we are too busy with other obligations. We’ll start the project after we cook dinner or fold the laundry. We are too tired from working so hard all day long at our jobs. Or, we have to take the kids here, there, and everywhere.  And honestly, we just want to sit down, relax, and stop go, go, going all the time.

Problem with this is that we let the little things get in the way of the big things that we really want.  Then one day we blink and an entire year has gone by and we haven’t done one single thing to achieve our goals.

Today, we will find and acknowledge the time wasters in our life…AKA all the ways we procrastinate and slowly say goodbye to all the things we have ever wanted in our lives.

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-Take note throughout the day of all the ways you get distracted from or procrastinate  doing the things that can help you reach your goals.  Perhaps you lost an hour on scrolling the Facebook newsfeed, or watching a show you don’t really like anyway. Maybe a co-worker sucked you in to a conversation that wasted some time. Let us know how much time you lost. Break it down into categories if possible so we can properly address it later.