Personal Training

Our values are based upon long term success, individual attention, injury prevention, and strong support systems.  Our one of a kind personal training program will deliver on all fronts and we highly encourage you to start here.

We ensure that you will start off with a systematic and deliberate approach getting started with CrossFit. You will receive specific coaching based on YOU, your current fitness levels, and your specific goals. You will be supported and held accountable to your success. And best of all, you will have long term success that will lead to massive results regardless of if you are in group classes or one-on-one training.

  • 3 Days/Week Individuals
  • 3 Days/Week Couples
    $636 person


CrossFit is a life-changing fitness program that truly allows you to live YOUR life with peak performance.

By working on constantly varied, functional movements at high intensity, you will be prepared and ready to take on any challenges that life throws your way. Our dynamic workouts keep you in a state of readiness by making sure that you are devloping across 10 general areas of fitness in such a way that you can be absolutely certain that you can do anything at any given time…..just like you need to be able to in life.

At CrossFit Julia, you are guaranteed to get results both inside and outside the gym. If you are new to CrossFit Julia, please check out our Getting Started page and set up your free introductory session.

  • Couples
    $165 monthly
  • Individual
    $189 monthly

Massage Therapy

Therapeutic massage. The place to relax, recover, and look inside at all the places traveled to and all the places still left to go. Massage allows the body to refresh and reconnect by relaxing sore muscles, flushing out waste products, and improving circulation, flexibility, and range of motion, amongst many other benefits. Most of all, therapeutic massage provides much needed me time and is the place of rejuvenation and preparation for the next set of challenges.

  • 30 Minute Massage
  • 60 Minute Massage
  • 90 Minutes Massage