Many people eat food blindly and do not notice how what they eat and when they eat it factors in to their performance throughout the day.  We’re not just talking about performance inside the gym, but also in other activities like work productivity, stamina to last throughout the day, or ability to fall and stay asleep.  The fuel we put into our bodies does have a correlation to all of our performance, just like the proper gas fuels your car.  When you gas tank is running low, things just don’t operate smoothly and as the driver you may feel anxious or worried that you will be left stranded on the side of the road.

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-Take a look at your food logs and pay special attention today to what you are eating and what time of day it is.  Notice if the main composition of your meal is protein, carbs, or fats.  How long does that fuel last until you feel the need to eat again, get irritable and impatient (outside influences don’t count), get tired or unmotivated.  Also notice how the quality of your workouts are impacted by the choices you make.  Did you have energy to just go, go, go or did you tap out mid-WOD?  Did you use a recovery fuel (protein shake, bar, snack, etc) and how did that affect things?  If no, did you feel ok post WOD or did you feel the dizzy, weak, must-eat-now thing? Post your story to the CFJ Community of Greatness Facebook Page.

–I want you to pay attention to this all week in addition to the other FFF WODs we tackle.  This one is especially important.  Feel free to try new things throughout the week, but notice how your body responds.