Thursday April 20, 2017


(Keith and Britt got those synchronized box jumps down pat.  So great to see married couples sharing a life of health and fitness and passing that along to their children!)

WOD #1:

Row 2000m for time

**post score on whiteboard


WOD #2:

Every minute on the minute x 10 minutes

Odd Minutes: Accumulate 30 seconds in an L-sit (you can choose to use boxes or do this on the rings)

Even Minutes: 10 Strict Handstand Push-ups



same as class WOD today

MOD 1: Kipping HSPU

MOD 2: 1 STRICT abmat HSPU

MOD 2: 2 STRICT abmat HSPU, L-sit (One leg in, One leg out)

MOD 3: 30 second handstand hold, Tuck Sit

MOD 4: 10 Box HSPU, Hold self up on rings or box with legs hanging straight down