rachelRachel grew up in Louisville, CO and from an early age was participating in various different sports and activities. Dabbling in various sports – dance, swim, gymnastics, etc – until around the age of 8 when she tried figure skating. After a couple of years, she began to get more serious with a private coach and joining a synchronized skating team, which allowed her nationally compete on team alongside 15 other skaters (which was more desirable than being the center of attention on the ice rink). Soon she was skating 5 times a week, doing off-ice conditioning (much like crossfit), and competing in three disciplines (individual, synchronized, ice dance). For college, Rachel decided to venture outside of Colorado and explore Boston, attending Boston University. She pursued a degree in engineering and continued to skate and compete for the university. It was also around this time that she started running and yoga, enjoying the freedom and cross-training they gave her. Boston was wonderful for college, but definitely lacked the sunshine and mountains of Colorado, so after graduation, Rachel returned to the Boulder area.

Post graduation, turns out skating is not as fun when there is nothing to compete or train for, and running was still enjoyable, but very static. Rachel heard about Crossfit and decided to give it a go. One week later and she was hooked on the dynamic, high intensity, competitive workout coupled with the friendly, supportive atmosphere. Over a year later now and everyday still eagerly awaiting the next wod to tackle at Crossfit Julia. She is enjoying the new aspect of Crossfit that coaching has brought her. Not only does it provide her a way to help others perform and feel better, but it aligns with her passion for biomechanics — learning how the muscles, tendons, bones, etc of the human body best interact with one another and allow us to do all the incredible things we do.