Tuesday November 10, 2015: BENCHMARK TUESDAY


(Back to Basics last saturday was a HUGE success!  Thanks to all of you that came out and made some big changes.  This upcoming Saturday we will focus in again on squats, mainly front and overheads!)

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Level 1 & 2 WOD:

Will be done in 2 heats, 10 minute cutoff. Last done December 4th, 2014.. click here for results


75 Power Snatch for time (75,55)


Post WOD Strength:

Strict Press

5 x 75,80, 85% of 1RM

MOD 1: (65,45)

MOD 2: (55,35)

MOD 3: (45,15)

MOD 4: (15,PVC)

MOD 5: (PVC)

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