Tuesday January 26, 2016.. BENCHMARK TUESDAY

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 1.37.41 PM

(Tucker looks like he is channeling his inner mogul skier while doing these stick jumps.  Need some tips for jumping?  He is your man.  he currently holds the max height box jump record at CFJ!)

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1 x 3 reps Push Press @ 75% of 1RM Jerk

1 x 2 Push Jerk @ 85% of 1RM Jerk

1 x 1 Split Jerk @ 95% of 1RM Jerk

then, using the weight you used for the split jerk

2 x 10 reps of Back Squat


WOD: Last Done June 11, 2014… Click here and then on the icon of the picture with the question mark to see the scores.  It will pop it up in a separate window if you click on it.

For time:

64 Pull-ups

8 Overhead Squats (205,135)

**The 2014 regionals athletes had a 6 minute cutoff for this workout.  So, challenge yourself and see how quickly you can make it happen. Make the lift a challenge. Today you will have a 10 minute cutoff.

** Bar must be picked up from the ground and then gotten into overhead squat position.

MOD 1: OHS (185,125)

MOD 2: OHS (155,105), Green Band Pull-ups

MOD 3: OHS (135,95), 50 Medium Black Band Pull-ups

MOD 4: OHS (115,75), 40 Large Black Band Pull-ups

MOD 5: OHS (95,65), 40 Jumping Pull-ups

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