Wednesday December 24, 2014

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(Wishing everyone a happy and peaceful Christmas eve!)



“Reindeer Games”

With a partner:

Game #1: Heaviest Snowball

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EMOM for 10 minutes:

1 Deadlift + 20 Lateral bar jumps (L+R=2)

**You will alternate minutes with your partner. So partner A will lift and jump first.  The remainder of the minute, your partner can add weight, subtract weight, or keep it the same.  At the top of the next minute, they lift and jump.  Each person will lift and jump 5 times.  The goal is to get the highest total amount of weight lifted over the 10 minutes.  If you fail to complete your lift and jumps within the 1 minute, subtract 5# for every jump you did not complete.


Game #2: Santa’s Flying Sleigh 

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15 minute time cutoff

Row 3000m

**You will switch off every 500m with your partner.  While one partner is rowing, the other will be accumulating as many T2B -C2B -BMU complexes as possible (Level 2) or 3 leg raises on floor – 2 pushups – 1 Toes to ring complexes as possible (Level 1). You will have two scores for this.  The total number of complexes completed and a total time to finish the row.  If you do not finish the row, add one second for every meter you did not complete… example (15:30 means that only 2770m were completed in 15 minutes).


Game #3: Jingle Bells

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AMRAP in 10 minutes:

5 Kettlebell Side to Side Twists (L+R=1) (Level 2 – 53,35) (Level 1 – 35,20)

10 Goblet Squats (Level 2 – 53,35) (Level 1 – 35,20)

15 Kettlebell Swings (Level 2 – 53,35) (Level 1 – 35,20)


*While one person completes one full round, the other person will be doing as many pushups with one hand on a slam ball as possible. The other hand will be on the floor.   Alternate which hand the is on top of the ball each rep. Touch your chest to the floor.  (Level 2 – on your feet) (Level 1 – on your knees).  Score will be one giant number completed between both partners…. reps completed on the amrap + pushup reps completed.

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