Saturday April 12, 2014

“Relay and Rounds”

4x400m relay

In teams of 4, complete 3 rounds of:
Sandbag Thrusters (one bag for everyone… or hold a 20# KB in each hand)
Ball Slams (30,20)
Bar Muscle-ups
Down and Back Sled Pulls (135,90)


MOD 1: BMU (chest to bar pullups)

MOD 2: BMU (regular pull-ups)

**To start this WOD, we will do a relay. Each person on the team will run a 400m as fast as they can relay style. After the last person on all teams are complete, there will be one minute of rest and then the 3 rounds for time starts. SO, run fast so your team gets the maximum amount of rest.
**For the 3 RFT, one team member will be at each station and will do as many reps as possible at that station for 2 minutes. At the 2 minute mark, immediately rotate to the next station. Repeat until all team members have completed each station 3 times.
**Final score is total number of reps completed for all three rounds by all team members added together