Friday October 2, 2015


(Personal Training clients Eric and Macie rocked the Dirty 30 on Wednesday.  If you see them around the gym, say hello and welcome them to the CFJ family!)

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Level 1 & 2 WOD:


3 x 80% Back Squat, Strict Press, Deadlift
Rest 3 minutes
3 x 85% Back Squat, Strict Press, Deadlift
Rest 3 minutes
3 x 90% Back Squat, Strict Press, Deadlift
Rest 3 minutes



5 minute AMRAP:
Bear Complex (As Heavy as Possible- Pick the heaviest weight you can and stick with it for 5 minutes.  Goal is to maximize weight and the number of reps you can get.  Pick strategy wisely.)



**For Part 1: You will have some time to warm-up the lifts.  You will do your three reps @ 80% on your back squat, then go to the strict press, then go to the deadlift.  After all three have been completed at 80%, you will rest three minutes and move on to the 85% portion. Repeat for the 90% portion. You will have 30 minutes to complete this portion, so take your time, lift with quality, and try to do your sets unbroken. Rest as needed between squat, press, and Deadlift, but the whole section must be completed within 30 minutes.  On the 30 minute mark, Part 2 will begin.

**Scores today will be the heaviest lifts you completed on Part 1 and for Part 2 you will record the weight you used and the # of reps you completed.

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