Thursday October 12, 2017


Getting upside down skills


**For each step in the photo below… do 3 holds for max time in each position before moving onto the next position.  Do not exceed 45 seconds in any position. Please do all positions regardless of how skilled you are.  If these are easy, consider it a warm-up.


PART 2: Handstand

  1. Hold the following position 3 rounds for up to 45 seconds. It’s just like the tripod above, but the head is off the ground.


2. Hold the following positions for 3 rounds up to 45 seconds each.  Notice how her hips are directly over her shoulders and wrists.


3. Partner Assisted Freestanding holds

**If getting into the freestanding hold is too challenging, do a wall walk and then have your partner hold your feet just off the wall slightly for 1-2 seconds so you can feel what’s like.  If you can kick into this position go for it and have your partner grab your feet to get you into proper alignment.  Avoid having an arched back.  Think hollow body position while you are upside down. Alternate partners for 3 holds each up to 20 seconds.

5. Unassisted Freestanding Hold

*See if you can get a hold all on your own.  Try 3 times for a max hold time.



For time:

21 Deadlifts (moderately heavy weight.. try to knock out sets of 5-7 reps or more unbroken as a minimum)

Accumulate 1 minute holding yourself up on the rings..(keep elbow start locked out and toes pointed)

15 Deadlifts

Accumulate 2 minutes holding yourself up on rings

9 Deadlifts

Accumulate 3 minutes holding yourself up on rings