Tuesday September 5, 2017

(If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you! This is the position we should strive for after every WOD.  High quality vs.  high quantity.)


AMRAP 7 minutes:

20 Kettlebell Snatch (10 right, 10 left…do not switch sides until all 10 are complete)

20 Lateral Hurdle Jumps (L+R=2)


**Spirit of the WOD — Medium weight on your Snatches so that even though it may be a challenge, you can hopefully knock out at least 5 at a time when tired. Work efficient transitions and quick jumps.  How many rounds will you get today?


POST WOD Strength Session:

TABATA (8 rounds):


(this is a strength session, so make it challenging with perfect form on your feet, deficits, 1 arm etc)

then… Rest 1 minute…then…

TABATA (8 rounds)

Weighted Step-ups …20″ box for everyone

(We will alternate every round which leg you are using. Example 20 seconds on with left leg on top of box, 10 second rest, then 20 seconds on with right leg on top of box, rest 10 seconds.

Use a barbell either on the front rack of back rack position–whichever you find more stable–go as heavy as possible while maintaining a good position throughout your core and not letting your knees wobble in or out.  Make sure your entire foot is on top of the box when stepping up and push through your heel and chest lifted. Challenge yourself… this should NOT be easy)