Tuesday March 29, 2016

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(Huge shoutout to Amber!  Here she is mid-thruster on 16.5 ON THE THIRD TIME SHE COMPLETED IT!  Why did she do it 3 times?  She’s not just a glutton for pain, she is a glutton for integrity.  The first two times she did it, she was unsure that she completed the workout as written.  She thought maybe she messed up.  So, in order to make sure she had a valid and true score, she repeated it three times and ended up with the top female time in the gym!  This effort just goes to show that at CrossFit Julia, we uphold our values: Being the best version of ourselves, integrity, character, and hard work.  Way to go Amber! Check out all of our values here….)

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Level 1 & 2 WOD: We will do this WOD in two heats and your partner will count reps for you.

3 rounds for time:
Row 500m
1 minute max reps jumping lunges (L+R=2)
1 minute max reps push-ups

**As soon as you get off the rower, you will have one minute from that time to get as many jumping lunges as you can. Once that minute is over, you will have one minute to get as many push-up reps as possible. After that minute has been completed, you will jump back on the rower and repeat. Your score will be the total number of lunges and push-ups completed over the three rounds. The goal for today is stamina. Work to maintain the same or better score each round.

MOD 1: regular lunges (no jump), knee push-ups