Monday March 30, 2015



(Game faces were on during 15.5 on Saturday and there was no shortage of suffering.  Congratulations to all those who gave it their all for the last 5 weeks.  It takes guts and heart to make it through 5 weeks WODs that are designed to expose weaknesses and push you beyond your own self imposed limits.  Way to persevere and come out on top!)

Level 1 and Level 2 WOD

Every 3 minutes on the 3 minutes for 27 minutes:
Row for meters
Run for meters
Farmer Carry -200m

Choose from one of the following rep schemes:
A. Row 800m (if you row 500m in 1:45 or better), Run 400m, Farmer Carry 200m (53,35)
B. Row 700m (if you row 500m in 1:45-2:00), Run 400m, Farmer Carry 200m (53,35)
C. Row 600m (if you row 500m in 2:00-2:30), Run 300m, Farmer Carry 200m (35,25# DB)
D. Row 500m (if you row 500m in 2:30-3:00), Run 300m, Farmer Carry 200m (25# DB,20#KB)
E. Row 400m (if you row 500m in 3:00 or longer), Run 200m, Farmer Carry 200m (20,18)

**If you complete your assigned work load before the 3 minutes are up, accumulate as many burpees as you can until the start of the next exercise. Your score will be total number of burpees you complete over the time frame.

**300m run…. same course as our regular 400m except you will start and finish at the back door

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