I first walked through the doors of CrossFit Julia with an excited apprehension towards what I was getting my self into. Athletics has always been a part of my life, from early child hood bike rides to organized sports all through school, and into a degree in integrative physiology at CU Boulder. Through the years I have tried many different disciplines of exercise. From being an avid mountain biker, to back country skiing, to what some may call a “gym rat”. CrossFit will make you better at absolutely every aspect of your life, athletically or otherwise.

At CrossFit Julia we start all new members out in our Evolution course, a course that is designed to teach and orient the basic aspects of CrossFit. Regardless of athletic background and previous experience in the gym setting, we challenge and educate each and every member. Following my first class in this program, I knew that I was hooked. CrossFit has the ability to be an all-encompassing workout, one that will make you want to puke, cry, question your sanity, and give up. As soon as you complete that last rep and yell time you know that you have made it out alive. You will pick yourself up out of the pool of sweat that you have created, high five your panting friends, and all you will think about is tomorrow. Tomorrow I will be faster, I will have better technique, I will go heavier, I will be stronger tomorrow than I was today.

CrossFit revolves around the concept of power. Power, work divided by time. Each day we strive to do more work in less time. And this is an addicting and never ending task. After a few months of steady increase in the gym I had a breakthrough. I could do things faster, lift more, and recover quicker than I ever had in the past. Which is a truly unique and incredible feeling. With this new level of fitness nearly every aspect of life becomes easier, more manageable. I have more energy, more confidence, more zest for life.

In the last few weeks I have been made an intern coach, a very rewarding and humbling experience. During my final year of college I worked as a personal trainer, which gave me a foundation for this kind of teaching, but being a CrossFit coach is so much more than just personal training. It is being a leader, motivator, teacher, and student. Whatever you think you know about a movement, a lift, a perfect way to do something, you will always discover that there is more to be learned when trying to teach it to somebody else.

Being a part of CrossFit Julia as an athlete and as a coach has been an unbelievably rewarding experience. From the friends I have made in the box due to the incredible community that has developed, to nearing the elusive six-pack. There truly is nothing bad I can say about my experience with the sport of CrossFit.

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