Thursday June 23, 2016

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(Personal training sessions are always personalized to the things that each particular person needs for the results that suit them the best.  Whether that be traditional CrossFit workouts or fun variations like this one that Melissa is enjoying!  If you need to get a program tailored for your specific needs, let us know!)

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AMRAP in 32 minutes:
Run 200m
10 Wall Balls (L2 – 25,20) (L1 – 20,16)
Run 400m
20 Wall Balls
Run 800m
20 Wall Balls
Run 400m
10 Wall Balls
Run 200m

**When you complete the entire sequence above you have completed 1 round. When you finish the final 200m, start again from the top of the list.



With a partner complete:



Box Jump Overs (24″20″)


**You will alternate reps 1 for 1 with your partner

Level 2 MODS: None

Level 1 MODS:

MOD 1: (16,14)

MOD 2: (14,10)

MOD 3: (10,6)

MOD 4: (6)