Monday February 23, 2015



(Ed and Matt working on their butterfly pull-ups last week.  Always easier when you have a partner to push you.)

Level 2 WOD

4 rounds

30 Abmat Sit-ups

20 Jumping Lunges (L+R=2)

1 Muscle-up + 5 Ring Dips


Level 1 WOD

4 rounds

30 Abmat Sit-ups

20 Walking Lunges

10 Hand Release Pushups (Feet on a 45# plate.  Hips and thighs are NOT allowed to touch floor at any point)

Level 2 MODs:

M1: 1 Jump to transition + 6 unasssisted ring dips

M2: 5 Ring Pull-ups (pull to chest) + 3 unasssisted ring dips


Level 1 MODS:

M1: Feet on 25# plate (hips and thighs cannot touch floor)

M2: Knee HR Push-ups

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