Friday July 31, 2015



(Bruce landing a clean lift during Monday’s Olympic Weightlifting Meet.  Love his dedication to constant improvement and progression!)

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Level 1 & 2 WOD:

5 rounds for time:
Down/Back Sled PUSH (135,90)
6 Farmer Carry Step-ups (24″/35# in each hand,20″/20# or 18# in each hand.. hands must be down at your sides)
1 Push Press (As Heavy as Possible… Add weight each round.. Clean from Ground)

**you get one attempt at your lift. If you miss it, accumulate 10 seconds in an L-Hang instead


**read more for MODs and Post WOD Cool Down

MOD 1: Sled (90,45), Step-ups (10# in each hand)


Post WOD Cool Down:

– Pike Stretch for 2 minutes

– Pancake Split Stretch for 2 minutes

– Couch Stretch for 2 minutes each side

– Banded Shoulder Stretch  – 1 minute each side

– Foam Roll Lats – 1 minute each side

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