Thursday August 18, 2016

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(A great memorial to the late Don McKenney.  His daughter Penny asked guests at his memorial if they could fill his shoes and lift his max deadlift. He was such an inspiration and will be sorely missed.)

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Mobility Warm-up

1st rib mobility … 3 minutes each side

Chest Stretch with a partner…2 minutes each person

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Strict Press

3 x 80%, 85%, 90%

**In between sets, complete a 20 second L-HANG on the pull-ups bars.  hang from the bars with your feet lifted higher than your hips.   Accumulate 20 seconds in the hang.  If you are unable to hold for at least 3 seconds in this position, have a friend spot you by assisting you to lift your legs.

Level 1 & 2 WOD:

Sprint 4 x 100m (30 seconds rest between sprints)(from back door to Atlas Valley sign)
30 Push Press (135,95)
Sprint 4 x 100m (30 seconds rest between sprints)

**This workout is a continuous effort. The 30 seconds rests are incorporated into the total time to completed. After your final 100m sprint in the first round, move immediately to the push press. After the push press is completed, move immediately to the next sprint.



3 rounds for time:
30 Medicine Ball Cleans (25,20)
30 Burpees

Level 1/2 MODS:

MOD 1: PP (115,75)

MOD 2: PP (95,65)

MOD 3: PP (75,55)


Bootcamp MODS:

Lighter ball