Friday December 2, 2016


(Amy getting after her 1000m row test Wednesday afternoon.  One of the great parts of this picture is that you can see that the handle of the rower has met her chest at the exact moment her legs have become fully straight.  This is something to aim for on your rowing technique. Looks like a PR row to me!)

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5 Lunges to a flamingo position each leg

Repeat above, but start with back foot off the floor

2 minute prize squat with feet together

20 air squats with feet together

10 Step Ups each leg, with foot gliding on side of box each leg (you have to lean forward to make sure the back toe slides up the box as you step up and down)

10 toe taps off the side of box.. Think a pistol, but the leg is hanging down at the side.  Tap the toe to the floor and then stand back up.

5 Pistols with foot tucked behind ankle

5 Pistols with foot tucked in front of ankle or shin

Try to put it all together


Level 1 & 2 WOD:


Knees To elbows

Box Jumps (30”, 24”)


Grunt Work:

Bike Intervals

**Keep your butt of the seat for the 30 seconds on…

Go one minute on HARD, 30 seconds easy spin…  6 rounds

MOD 1: BJ (24”,20”)

MOD 2: Hanging Leg Raises (BJ (20”, 3 plates)