Thursday March 12, 2015

(The purpose of CrossFit is to train us to live our lives better, regardless of what we are trying to do.  Go for a walk, flip a snowmobile, score a touchdown, or plant a garden.  This video is an awesome showing of what some people choose to do with their lives.  Remember…. your journey is special, no matter what you choose to do.  We can help you do whatever you want with ease! 3,2,1..GO!)

Level 1 and 2 WOD:

EMOM x 12 minutes
Minute 0-1
4 Sprints (Down/Back=2)(In front of gym bay doors)
Remaining time, do AMRAP Toes to Bar (L2) or V-ups (L1)
Minute 1-2
4 Sprints
Remaining time, do AMRAP Sit-ups
Minute 2-3
4 Sprints
Remaining time, do AMRAP Air Squats


**If you fail to complete the 4 runs within the 1 minute, you will move to a modification from there. You must touch the ground in front of you before turning around for next run (think suicides).

**Repeat sequence for 12 minutes until you have done all 3 AMRAPs, 4 times each… Score is total of AMRAP reps completed

MOD 1: 3 runs

MOD 2: 2 runs


**no mods for T2B or V-ups.  Choose which one you are gonna do and stick with it.  Mods are based on runs only.

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