Stephen Gricci



Q. Describe your journey from walking through the door the first time to now. How has your life changed both inside and outside the gym since you started?

Before I started CrossFit, I had spent several years starting a family and a company, which led to a lot of days switching between dad-duty and sitting behind a desk the remainder of the time. After working with Amber for a few week in personal training sessions, I noticed that I started to feel more energy, even after a WOD.  In the gym, I feel good. I no longer get worried about WODs, or give a second thought about whether I can accomplish them. 

Outside of the gym, I feel like I have boundless energy. Whether it’s hiking all day, or running around with my kids. I also feel confident in all areas of my life.



Q. What have been your greatest victories and challenges throughout your journey?

Having a previous wrist injury — it was a big challenge to do a few maneuvers (front rack, shoot throughs, push-ups). But working with Amber and with taking it slow, I built up flexibility in those previously injured areas where now they aren’t an issue. I consider that a huge success.


Also, when I started my journey to health in the beginning of 2016, I weighed in 245 lbs.  I’m proud to say that in that time, I have lost 80 pounds total and now weigh 165 lbs.


Q. What drives you to keep coming back? What are your favorite things about your workout experience and with CFJ as a whole?

Other than the workouts, which I enjoy thoroughly – there’s a sense of community at CFJ. Seeing the same people once or twice a week gives you a feeling of comfort. And there’s no judgement, just jubilation after a workout. It feels like individual accomplishment, accomplished together. 


Q. What’s your favorite workout? 

Lower-body lifts. Deadlift or Back squat.


Q. What advice can you give to others?

Compete against the “you” of yesterday, everyday.


Q. What are you looking forward to in the future? 

Hitting a 400lb deadlift this summer with Shawn!