Saturday June 18, 2016

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(Watching the children during the summer youth camps is such a good reminder to make sure that we are always having fun when we take on a workout!  These guys have such a blast and just love the challenge.  Thanks for inspiring us.  Here is Rob and Justene’s daughter Isabella!)

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In teams of 3 complete:

100 Stone Shoulders (115,70)

30 Rope Climbs

**One person will be working on the stone shoulders, another on the rope climbs.  The third person will be doing a 175m sandbag carry.  When they get back in from their carry, partners will switch places and start getting more reps.  If your team gets to the target number on one station before the other, one person will hold a plank while they are at the “finished” station.

**The target numbers are to be accumulated by all three team members, so each person must do at least 1 farmer carry.  (Example— person A does 30 stones, person B does 40 stones, person C does 30 stones to = 100 total…. each person does NOT do 100, 30)

**Modify as necessary