It’s no doubt that stress in our life can be a major contributor to the quality of our life.  Sometimes, stress ca be a positive influence which moves us into taking appropriate action that will ultimately lead to a higher quality of life despite temporary discomfort.  A good example of this is doing a CrossFit workout.  We get you in a bit of discomfort in order to see long term gains.  And most of the time, you like this amount of stress in your life because it produces positive results.

On the other hand, most people deal with emotional stress that can lead to a lower quality of life.  Worried about finances, work, the safety of your children?  Not getting enough sleep because of work or kids?  Are you changing your life in a certain way that is causing you to feel uneasy or upset?  These types of stresses add up very quickly and take a big toll on us in a negative way.  The result being that we either get sick or just completely shut down mentally and socially.  These stressors also stimulate the hormone cortisol which promotes things like fat storage and tissue breakdown.  No bueno.

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Unfortunately, we all must deal with stressors in our life.  Fortunately, we can look at overcoming these stressors as a hidden opportunity.



Four steps:

1. Identify the areas in your life which are causing you the most stress right now.

2. For each item on the list, make a note as to if these things are in your control (I), out of your control (O), or somewhere in between (B).

3. For all the items marked with and I or a B, write down one small action you can take immediately to help the situation become less stressful. Then TAKE THAT ACTION AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

4. I realize today’s WOD is probably quite personal.  So, to get credit for today’s WOD, please post your favorite stress release technique.

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