Wednesday June 15, 2016

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(Amy and Tracey, the dynamic duo, going rep for rep on their lunges of #280-300!  They had the right idea and did each one together, synchronized, and when one was ready to take a break, the other just shouted, “Come on, one more, one more!”  It was so inspiring to watch how a group of people can come together, become friends after not knowing each other in the beginning, and become a support system unlike any other.  This is the stuff CFJ is made of.)

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Level 1 & 2 WOD:

It’s a SURPRISE!!!  Come on in and get a great workout on!  All I will say is that your mental toughness and grit will be challenged.  Are you prepared for the unknown and unknowable?


Post WOD Mobility:

Foam Roll your lats, back, and legs

Chest stretch and Couch Stretch