Friday October 9, 2015


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Strict Press

First set is a warm-up, 2nd is 80%, 3rd is 85%, 4th is 90% of 1RM

**In between sets do 10 unbroken wall balls (athlete choice on weight)


Level 1 & 2 WOD:

Sled Pulls (135,90) (Down/Back = 2)
Run 400m
Row for Calories
Run 400m
Ball Slams (30,20)
Run 400m

**You will complete all 8 rounds at one station. Then you will run a 400m for time. Once everyone has returned from the run, the next station will begin for 8 rounds. Run another 400m for time. Repeat for the third round. On the TABATA stations, your score is the lowest number of reps completed on any given interval during the 8 rounds. Your score for the runs will be the slowest run time out of the three. No sandbagging! High reps, fast runs!

**No MODS today for anyone unless absolutely necessary.  Get it done!

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