Saturday May 9, 2015



(Carla looking good on her push jerks during our strength session on Thursday. Perfect lockout of the elbows at the same moment she caught the bar.  Beauty!)

For time, working in teams of 2 each athlete completes:
50-calorie row
50 Slam Ball sit-ups (30,20)
50 wall-ball shots (20,16)
50 box jump overs (24″,20″)

** One partner will work at a time and both partners need to complete the station before moving onto the next. While one partner works, the other will be doing man-makers (35#DB/KB, 25#DB). So Partner A will row 50 calories while artier b does man-makers. Then switch, Partner B rows, partner A does man-makers. Go to next station: sit-ups and follow the pattern.

**Score will be a total time to completion and a total number of man-makers between the two partners.

**Modify as necessary


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