Amy RussCF-L1 Trainer

    My many years as a competitive gymnast and gymnastics coach proved a great launching pad for my CrossFit journey, both as an athlete and now as a coach. I love a sport that has no limits…through hard work and consistency, I can keep getting faster, lifting heavier, doing more reps or moving on to the next skill that will challenge me more and make me better than I was yesterday. I’m always striving to improve my own performance and never let age, motherhood, my career or other outside factors be barriers to my personal success in the gym. As a CF-L1 trainer my goal is to help each athlete find his or her inner voice that says “I can do this” and then help turn that self confidence into tangible action and measurable results. I want those who step into CrossFit Julia to always feel empowered and supported in their personal wellness/fitness journey.