Liz BassettIntern

    I have been involved with fitness my entire life and have always found fitness to be an individual desire for success. I have always spent enormous amounts of time running, and working on my endurance as opposed to both endurance and strength. Being a college student with two part time jobs didn’t leave me very much time for the two hour runs I was used to. This is how I found CrossFit, I was looking for something to kick my butt without it taking me two hours. After being on the floor after just a seven minute workout I knew I had found just that.

    However, after being at CrossFit Julia for over a year now I have also realized that I found a fitness family, and that fitness is so much more rewarding when practiced with others who share the same goals and desires as you. CrossFit has given me the confidence to try things I never thought I could before, and CrossFit Julia has given me an amazing fitness family that is always cheering one another on!