Shannon KeenanINTERN

    Being able to be apart of the CrossFit Julia coaching team, has been such a blessing, it would be difficult to know exactly what to highlight. Beginning in high school I attempted to become proactive with my health by pursing some individual fitness goals and plans, My family has a history of weight related problems (obesity, diabetes, knee problems, etc.) that I wanted to avoid. I did manage to stave off obesity and keep my blood sugar just below the threshold of prediabetic levels. I could not, however, been described as fit. I was stuck in a lengthy unchallenged routine. Even short walks left me out of breath. My eating habits were also terrible. Fast forward in life fifteen years and enter CrossFit Julia. Now almost two years later and Wow…… real results. Personally I am as lean, fit, and strong as I have ever been. I Have four children ages 16, 13, 11, and 2 1/2 and feel like I really have the energy to be involved in all their lives in meaningful ways. My husband and I are also foster parents through Adams County. The positive attitude and can-do spirit in the coaching at CFJ helps tremendously in this sometimes emotionally taxing area of my life.

    I want so much as a member of the coaching team to follow in the footsteps of Shawn, Julia, and all the other coaches that have helped me along. I have learned as a coach to “come out of my shell” and really try to encourage others to reap the same benefits I have by being CONSISTANT in their WODS, and in their diet, and consequently be a blessing to themselves and the world around them. Thanks CFJ!