Tracey MooreCF-L1 Trainer

    Athletics has always been a part of my life. Throughout grade school and high school I thrived on being part of a team and working hard to be a stand out athlete. When I went to college I struggled to find a sport I could participate in that scratched my competitive itch and allowed me to be a part of a team. Eventually I found running which I did religiously for the next 20+ years. While I loved running it was a means to an end more than anything. It allowed me to stay in shape and keep my head on straight but didn’t inspire me. In my mid twenties I discovered mountain biking, road biking, snow shoeing, hiking and yoga. Sports that you can’t find a better place to participate in than in Colorado. I have spent the better part of my thirties and forties doing a little bit of everything in an effort to stay physically healthy and mentally strong while at the same time challenging myself with marathons, triathlons and eventually an Ironman.

    It was while training for my Ironman that my husband kept hounding me about trying crossfit. I promised him I would try it out after the race and finally found my way in the door in October of 2014. Despite all I had accomplished in my life athletically I was intimidated to walk through the door and even more intimidated to try out a class. I have spent the last 2+ years learning how to incorporate crossfit into my life so that it isn’t all that I do but rather another thing I do that makes me better at everything I do.

    As a coach I would like to reach the person who thinks that crossfit “just isn’t for them”. I would like to inspire the “regular” person so that they know they can walk through the door and find a program that will fit who they are and where they are at physically at that given moment. I want to remove the fear and the stereotype around who we are as crossfit athletes and inspire those that think they just can’t do it. In addition, having had to take 8 months off to rehab from shoulder surgery I would also like to be an example of how you can stay in shape and come back after a setback. My goal is to inspire the new athlete, help lay the groundwork of good fundamentals from the start, and change the dialog to I can rather than I can’t.

    I want everyone to feel the power in being the Warrior who whispers to Fate, “I am the storm!”