Friday October 21, 2016

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(Meet Jane.  She is a former rugby player, currently a teacher,  and an all around awesome person!  Make sure you get to know her as soon as possible!)

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Level 2 WOD:

30 Muscle-ups for time


Level 1 WOD:


Box Dips

Heavy KB Swings (athlete choice, but try to go one level heavier than you normally choose)



Front squat

5 x 50%, 1 x 75% with 3 second pause on bottom

5 x 60%, 1 x 80% with 3 second pause on bottom

5x 70%, 1 x 85% with 3 second pause on bottom

**you will first do you sets of 5 as we normally do. Then, you will have 30 seconds to switch out weight and then complete your 1 rep with the pause. Rest as needed before your next set of 5’s.

Level 2 MODS:

MOD 1: (3 C2b + 3 ring dips ) x 30 rounds

MOD 2: (3 chin over + 3 band ring dips) x 30 rounds

**no banded pull-ups.. get ‘Er done!