Saturday January 9, 2016

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(CFJ athletes always push each other to be better.  Amy and Diana are going rep for rep here to just that.  Today’s workout is all about pushing your companions to be just a little bit better than they think they can be, at the same time they are going to push you.  Let the battles begin!)

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“The Battles”

With a partner: 3 rounds for each person
AMRAP 2 minutes – Snatch @85% of 1RM
AMRAP 2 minutes – Rope Climbs
AMRAP 2 minutes – Row for calories
* 30 second break in between 2 minute intervals to switch stations or swap out weights.

**Modifications for the Rope Climbs: Blue tape, Rope Pull-ups (feet off floor to start), or Strict Pull-ups. Try to do the same thing or an equivalent version your partner.

**For this workout, the goal is for the partners to battle and one person gets more than the other. Try to beat their score. Losing party gets a penalty at the end of the workout. Read more for the description of the battle rules.

**To start, Partner A will do as many snatch as possible in the first two minutes. Partner B will count reps. If necessary, swap out weights, and Partner B will have their turn.

After both partners have completed the snatch, immediately move the rope climbs. And then row for calories.

After each person has done one interval at each station, go back to the beginning and go again for a total of 3 rounds at each station. Your goal is to beat your partner in reps completed at each station. There will be penalties inflicted at the end of the workout for the losing party.

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