Saturday February 20, 2016

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(Ethan’s got hops!  This guy has been crushing it lately.  Each and every week he has at least one new PR on the board and is smart about taking care of his body and pushing when he can!  Being smart with your training leads to big gains.  Way to go Ethan!)

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Level 1 & 2 WOD:

With a partner complete:
Alternating Every 3 minutes on the 3 minute for 24 minutes:
Part A:
5 Stone Shoulders (L2-115,70)(L1-70,40)
6 Push Press (This is the chess match)
7 Toes To bar / L1- Hanging Leg Raises

Part B: Row for Calories


**While one partner is completing the work for Part A, the other partner will row for calories.  At the 3 minute mark you will switch places.  The chess match enters on the push press.  The first partner will begin with whatever weight on the bar they choose. Close to the end of the 3 minute section, they  add any amount of weight they choose for their partner to tackle (be reasonable, but push your partner).  When the partner gets to the bar, they will get surprised with the weight that has been chosen for them to use.  Are you prepared for the unknowable?

**The score for this workout will be the total AMRAP score or rounds and reps for the two partners PLUS the heaviest weight that was reached on the push press.  You will also have a total number of calories rowed combined for both partners.