Wednesday December 28th, 2016


(Cary goes all in while box jumping.  Using your arms is a great way to get some extra height and momentum to make your jump, especially when you are tired!)

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Level 1 & 2 WOD: Last Done September 15, 2016.. Click here for past results

“The Chief”

5 rounds of:

AMRAP in 3 minutes

3 Power Cleans (135,95)

6 Push-ups

9 Air Squats

**Rest 1 minutes between AMRAP Rounds.

**You will have 5 AMRAP scores.  Your goal is to try and get the same score or better each round.


Grunt Work:

Run, Row, or Bike

2 minutes HARD, 1 minute EASY x 4 rounds

MOD 1: (115,75)

MOD 2: (95,65)

MOD 3: (75,55), Knee Pushups