CrossFit Julia was founded by husband and wife duo, Shawn and Julia Bandel. With a love for fitness, health, and wellness, these two set out on an unforgettable journey to change people’s lives. Shawn and Julia opened the doors to CrossFit Julia in 2009 and have been helping ordinary people achieve extraordinary things ever since.

CrossFit Julia is THE place where you will find an outstanding, supportive, and friendly community that is ready to go hard, achieve results, and have fun along the way. Not to mention the 5000 square foot facility stocked with 20 ft ceilings, a kids room, a massage therapist, and an amazing team of coaches.


To provide you with the most outstanding CrossFit experience ever!


For CrossFit Julia athletes to have a complete life changing transformation both inside and outside the gym.


  • Individual attention
  • Injury prevention
  • Safety
  • Being the best version of ourselves
  • Integrity
  • Character
  • Compassion
  • Caring
  • Hard work
  • Long term success vs. magic pills
  • Community
  • Strong support systems

Why Choose Us?

CrossFit Julia is a one of a kind training facility to help you be prepared and ready for anything that you choose to do in life.  Whether you want to run that obstacle race, plant a garden, ride bikes with your kids, hike a 14’er, or get that first pullup, you can be certain that CrossFit Julia will get you across the finish line.

Our program is measurable, repeatable, and observable, which guarantees that you will know when you are making progress.  No more guessing games.

You will also become an incredibly well rounded athlete and person.  Unlike a traditional gym setting, we will focus on 10 general areas of fitness versus the four you typically find in other gyms.  We will chisel your skills in strength, endurance, stamina, flexibility, coordination, agility, accuracy, balance, speed, and power.  So now, instead of just being able to lift a truck without being able to walk around the block, you will be able to lift that truck and win your age group in the 5k.  You will become uncommonly good at common things. You will be confident and proud of your abilities.  You will be an ordinary person doing extraordinary things.