Have you ever wondered how it’s possible that you give some workouts a lot of effort, but hen still find that some people that aren’t necessarily stronger or faster than you can still best your time? It may be worth it to check out how much time you spend on transitions between movements. A great example for myself is in rope climb workouts. I know that I take a loooooonnnnnngggg time in between reps even though I don’t necessarily need it. I know what I am comfortable with and don’t like pushing the envelope.

The transition time not only effects the time of the workout, but the quality of the results we achieve from even doing the WOD in the first place. We need to give our bodies a stimulus that we can adapt to, otherwise we plateau. When we take comfortable test breaks and forget to keep pushing through the hurt, we can sometimes get a little too comfy and stubt our growth.

This pic of Jane shows how quickly she is moving between exercises at the masters championships and that intensity should be mimicked by us all!