Saturday July 26, 2014



(Allison is doing a great job locking out her elbows on these overhead squats!)

In teams of 3 complete:
“Triple 3”
Row 3000m
300 Double Unders
Run 3 miles

**Each person must complete 1000m row, 100 Double Unders, and a 1 mile run. One person will work at a time to complete their ENTIRE set. You cannot move on to the next exercise until the previous one is fully complete. While one person is working, the other two people will have pet rocks– a empty barbell and a slam ball (30,20). The pet rocks cannot touch the ground EVER and you must choose to do one of the following exercises — BARBELL: hang squat cleans, hang snatch, or overhead lunges. SLAM BALL: goblet squats, leg raises with ball in legs (no touching ground with ball), or step ups while holding ball. The two partners with the pet rocks must switch which one they are holding every 3 minutes… and remember, no touching the ground. If the pet rocks touch the ground, THE ENTIRE TEAM must stop and do immediately do 10 burpees.

MODs: DU attempts