Friday July 28, 2017

Get your CFJ Gear now through 8/7/17.  This is our catalog of styles and you can also add personalization if you would like.

Simply go to the website and choose which awesome piece offer you want!



WOD #1:

30 Stone Shoulders for time:

**Go as heavy as possible.  We have a 115#, 70#, and 40# option.  Do not sandbag the challenge for the sake of speedy time on the clock.  Keep your form good and make sure you are challenged.

Rest 3 minutes and then…


WOD #2:

30 Wall Jumps for time

*Go as high as possible.  If you cannot do a wall jump, you can modify with jump up and holds OR 50 Shoot Throughs.

Rest 3 minutes and then…


WOD #3:

Run 1 mile for time