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Often times, women that enter the gym for the first time state upper body weakness as an area they want to work on.  And then they mention that they never have and never will be able to do a pull-up or a rope climb.  Didn’t they already learn this lesson in elementary school gym class?

When I hear this, I just laugh and say, “you will be able to do this someday when you take small, simple actions each and every day toward improvement.”  The truth of the matter is really just that I believe in them more than they currently believe in themselves at that point.  And why is that… because they have been defeated once before or been told a million times that this stuff is impossible. So naturally, they start to believe the negativity. It’s nothing against them, it’s just how our society works unfortunately.

Well get this! Robin Sharma, and expert on personal development, recently mentioned in an article that scientists are learning that the pre-frontal cortex (the part of the brain responsible for higher thinking) is connected to the part of the brain responsible for motor activites (aka movement).  Ok, great….. and……..?

What this means is that the words we think and say have a direct influence on the actions we are or are not able to perform.  If we think we can, we can.  If we think we can’t, we can’t.  How many times have you proven yourself right when you say ” I can’t do _______ (fill in the blank).”  We can only prove ourselves wrong when we start to believe in ourselves and  take small, daily actions toward improvement.

So how do we start believing in ourselves?  By changing our thoughts!  Go from “I can’t do that…ever.” to “Well, maybe I could do that.”

This new positive outlook leads us into taking those small, tiny actions.  Those thoughts allow us to dream that the impossible may not be that far out of our reach.

Today I challenge you to start saying “I can.”  Even if the objective seems so far fetched that people literally laugh out loud.  Say “I can” and watch how your actions change, your confidence builds, your fears melt away, your chin gets over the bar, and you touch the top of that rope.

Nothing is out of your reach!