Monday November 25, 2013

2 minute AMRAP
Push press (135,95)
Mod 1: (95,55)


Rest 3 minutes


7 minute AMRAP:
7 burpee pull-ups
14 weighted step-ups (53,35)


2 Minute: You can only do mod 1 if RX is not possible. Bar starts on the ground. You may only get 1 rep and that is ok. You may get 0 and that is ok. You might get 10, hard to say. Do your best.

7 minute: KB must be held in front rack position. Two feet on top of box, hips open, two feet must touch floor in between reps. You can jump into the pull-up, but bar must be 3 inches higher than outstretched hand

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.