Saturday July 23, 2016


Want to get to know Don better? Check out his Featured Athlete write-up from last year.  Here are a few quotes from him as well. Rest in peace Don.  You will be missed!

double knee replacement and being 91 years old.”“As for CrossFit and exercise, I can tell you this much, I am in love with it. It will never end!! According to the doctors, my lung capacity has not diminished in the last year due to my emphysema, which they attribute to my CrossFit and walking routines. I am also able to walk around, drive, and climb stairs despite having a double knee replacement and being 91 years old.
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“It’s great to be able to workout with my daughter Penny and granddaughter Brie and to be able to talk about our accomplishments. CrossFit Julia is a family to us now as well. Plus, I like to think I’ve inspired the younger generations to realize limitation is just in their minds.”

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“I know that eventually life on Earth does end! But I also know that life is eternal and you cn find me exercising happily some place. You can be sure I am planning on it!!!”

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Level 1 & 2 WOD:

3 rounds:
Air Squats
Kettlebell Snatch (53,35)
Sled Pulls (135,90)(Down/Back = 2)
Tire Flips (Big, Medium)

Rest 1 minute between rounds


**Why these movements?

PUSHUPS: For his 84th birthday,  Don’s goal was to complete 100 pushups with minimal rest between sets.

AIR SQUATS: Despite having a double knee replacement, Don is still able to squat down to 3 plates.

KETTLEBELL SNATCH: One of Don’s favorite exercises to do was KB Snatch with a 10# Dumbbell

SLED PULLS: After 92 years on the planet, being a war hero, a husband, father, and grandfather,  he pulled his fair share of weight.

TIRE FLIPS: Don’s absolute favorite exercise was the deadlift.  His max was 215#.  So why not deadlift some tires to simulate him deadlifting throughout the 9 years that he trained with us!

**This WOD will be done in a Fight Gone Bad style, expect that each station will be given 90 seconds instead of 60. Your goal is to get as many reps as possible at each station and for the entire workout. After all stations have been completed, you will get one minute to rest. Repeat for 3 rounds.

MOD 1: KBS (35,20), Tire (Medium or get the coach to help you flip it if necessary)