We have all  heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Why is that?  Breakfast starts the day off right by getting our metabolism off the ground after a long night’s sleep… hopefully 🙂  We need to give ourselves a good power boost to start the day off right and by eating a good breakfast, we can do that.  Eating a clean breakfast also starts to ball rolling and provides momentum for making good choices all throughout the day.

So what to eat for breakfast?  At each large meal, we all should be striving to eat protein, carbs, and fats.  These are the main macronutrients that our body uses to provide us energy and function at an optimal level.  Most people find proteins in the form of eggs or meats like smoked salmon, sausage, bacon, etc.  Fats come from the oils we use to cook those meats in and depending on the blend of the meat used, perhaps that protein source is also a fat source.  So next comes the carbs.  What do you usually see on the plate? Fruit.  And yes, this is definitely a carb.

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Fruit is generally a carbohydrate that is processed quickly by the body (high glycemic) and can sometimes lead to the crash effect felt in the mid morning.  Now, don’t get me wrong… the fruit crash is nothing like the doughnut crash.  So if you have to choose between fruit and doughnuts, choose fruit. However, have you ever considered eating vegetables for your breakfast carb?

Veggies tend to have a lower glycemic index than fruits, which can lead to you feeling more full for a longer period of time.  They also have tremendous health benefits packed inside them.

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Food For Fuel WOD 

-Eat vegetables for breakfast today instead of fruit. Post your vegetable for breakfast recipe in the CFJ Community of Greatness Facebook Page and how it made you feel up until you ate lunch.

Need an idea? Try a green smoothie as an accompaniment to your sunny side up eggs.  Here is a great recipe from our own Brandon Terry, owner of Roots integrative Health.


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