Ever been asked this question?

“Why do you get out of bed every morning?”

Some of us can spout off the answer without any hesitation at all.  Some of us, have to stop and think before the answer comes to mind.  If we do not have a long term goal for getting up and doing what we do every day, then life can seem monotonous, boring…. even pointless.  And that is not the life we were meant to life.

Each day should be filled with energy, excitement, and motivation to go out and get the dreams we have always wanted. We get the opportunity to do certain things so that we can be fulfilled, happy, and truly alive!  When you know what your vision/long term goal is, you can immediately begin taking the right steps forward to turn that vision into a reality.

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What’s your vision for the life of your wildest dreams?  What have you always wanted to do, be, and have? Why do you get up and go to work everyday? What impact do you want to leave on this world?  Write us a paragraph or two on your life vision and post the CFJ Community of Greatness Facebook page.