Saturday July 15,2017

(Danny from Taren using each other to get better during personal training sessions. Finding someone who goes at a similar pace to you can be a great tool to help you push that extra little bit. Invite a friend today to see how much more motivated you get!)


5 minute buy in to complete as many rope climbs as possible


AMRAP 8 minutes:


Wall Balls (25,20)

Toes to Bar


**continue adding three reps each round until the 8 minutes is complete. You will have a total number of reps completed as your score. You will have a separate score for the number of rope climbs completed, but there will be no rest between the rope climbs and the rest of the wod.

MOD 1: Partial Rope Climbs (must go at least half way or 2 moves), WB (20,16)

MOD 2: 1 move RC, WB (16,14)

MOD 3: Assisted Rope Climbs, WB (14,10), hanging leg raises