Fall and Get Back Up

Monday October 23, 2017

(Mike and his bodyweight sled pull created some “rubber necking” from drive-by traffic on Saturday!)


Strength Session:

Overhead Squat


**Start at 50% of your 1RM and work up to a new 1RM if you can.  Time for some bell ringing!



AMRAP in 10 minutes:

3 Burpee Box Jump Overs

3 Squat Snatch

6 Burpee Box Jump Overs

6 Squat Snatch

9 Burpee Box Jump Overs

9 Squat Snatch


continue the pattern until the 10 minutes is up.  You will have one score for the total number of reps completed.

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Move it Shake it

Saturday October 21, 2017



Run 1200m-ish Buy in… (Think the one mile loop around the buildings, but with just one lap around the buildings)


1 round of:

200m Sled PULL (Bodyweight)

200m Sled PUSH (1/2 Bodyweight)

200m Stone Carry (115,70)

200m Sprint


1000m Row Cash out


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Simple Dreams

Friday October 20th, 2017


Skills Session:

Turkish Get-ups

**start with Kettlebells and then go to barbell. You will have a score for this today, the heaviest barbell successfully completed one on each arm.




Pull-ups (butterfly if you can)



**make this hard and fast. 9 minute cutoff.

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Powered Up

Thursday October 19, 2017

Are you ready for some Halloween fun? Join us next week for a fun time carving pumpkins that will be voted on for prizes!



Ring Muscle-ups

**Check out this website for some of the drills we will be working with for this.

Top Five Drills to Improve Your Muscle Ups




3 rounds:

75 Double Unders

50 Air Squats

15 Power Cleans (take your first instinct for a weight here and add 10-20#)

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Pirate Climb

Wednesday October 18, 2017



Rope Climbs

**Practice a new version than what you normally use or try to figure one out of you haven’t accomplished a rope climb yet.  Working on foot holds without climbing is also great skill work for today. Here are some methods to get you going.

**In the picture above, the “CrossFit” hold is the same as the J-Hook, but the rope comes in the front of the body vs. on the side of the body.




5 rounds for time:

Row 300m

3 Rope Climbs

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Hollow Deads

Tuesday October 17, 2017



**kipping, butterfly, chest to bar, strict, L-hang… pick the level that is correct for you!



Every minute on the minute x 10 minutes

10 Hollow Rocks

3 Heavy Deadlifts (at 80% or heavier)

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Thank James Hinkle

Monday October 16,2017



10 rounds for time:

10 Calorie row

10 Burpees

10 Heavy Wall Balls (choose a weight heavier than you normally choose)


Post WOD skills:

**write your October skills goal on the whiteboard if you haven’t already. Then, spend the remainder of the class time working on it.


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Friday October 13, 2017

(On Sunday this little man will turn 5 years old!  Enjoy a WOD in his honor! Happy Birthday Reese!)




9 minutes to get max snatch
Immediately followed by…

9 minute AMRAP
9 sumo deadlift high pulls (75,55)
9 lateral bar jumps-over and back equals one rep
9 snatch balance (75,55)

Immediately followed by 9 minutes to get a max clean

***there are no time breaks between the max snatch, amrap, and max clean. The wod will last 27 minutes***

*** 3 scores, a snatch weight, an AMRAP score, a clean weight***

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Reverse Ladders

Thursday October 12, 2017


Getting upside down skills


**For each step in the photo below… do 3 holds for max time in each position before moving onto the next position.  Do not exceed 45 seconds in any position. Please do all positions regardless of how skilled you are.  If these are easy, consider it a warm-up.


PART 2: Handstand

  1. Hold the following position 3 rounds for up to 45 seconds. It’s just like the tripod above, but the head is off the ground.


2. Hold the following positions for 3 rounds up to 45 seconds each.  Notice how her hips are directly over her shoulders and wrists.


3. Partner Assisted Freestanding holds

**If getting into the freestanding hold is too challenging, do a wall walk and then have your partner hold your feet just off the wall slightly for 1-2 seconds so you can feel what’s like.  If you can kick into this position go for it and have your partner grab your feet to get you into proper alignment.  Avoid having an arched back.  Think hollow body position while you are upside down. Alternate partners for 3 holds each up to 20 seconds.

5. Unassisted Freestanding Hold

*See if you can get a hold all on your own.  Try 3 times for a max hold time.



For time:

21 Deadlifts (moderately heavy weight.. try to knock out sets of 5-7 reps or more unbroken as a minimum)

Accumulate 1 minute holding yourself up on the rings..(keep elbow start locked out and toes pointed)

15 Deadlifts

Accumulate 2 minutes holding yourself up on rings

9 Deadlifts

Accumulate 3 minutes holding yourself up on rings


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