Friendship Friday

Friday August 31, 2018


With a partner complete:

AMRAP in 15 minutes:

5 Power Cleans (medium-heavy weight)

10 Box Jumps

15 Wall Balls


**While one partner completes 1 full round of the work above, the other partner will row for calories.  2 scores today. One score will be the total number of rounds completed as a combined pair.  The second score will be the total number of calories rowed as a combined pair.

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Thursday August 30, 2018


4 rounds for time:

Run 400m

15 Front Squats (Medium weight)

40 Double Unders or 2x Singles

15 Push Press (Same weight as front squats)

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Wednesday August 29, 2018



AMRAP in 20 minutes:

2 Muscle-ups

4 Handstand Push-ups

8 Kettlebell Swings (70,53)


**Modify Muscle-ups with 2 Pull-ups (Chest to Bar if you can OR Ring rows) + 2 Dips (Ring or Box). Modify Handstand Push-ups with ab-mats or regular push-ups

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Partner Saturday

Saturday August 25, 2018


Part A:

With a partner complete:

3 minute rounds of:

7 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (medium weight)

1 Legless Rope Climb OR 2 with your feet

7 Dips (use Rings, Bands, or Boxes as necessary)


Part B:

3 minute rounds of:

7 Ball Slams

7 Double Crunches

**At the call of go, Partner 1 will start on Part A and Partner 2 will start on Part B and both will complete as many rounds/reps as possible.  At the 3 minute mark, Switch.  Repeat the pattern for a total of 24 minutes.  You will have 2 scores today. One total reps completed for Part A (combine both partners scores for ALL rounds) and one total reps completed for Part B (combine both partners scores for ALL rounds)

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Weekend Cash Out

Friday August 24, 2018


5 rounds of:

10 Overhead Squats (medium weight)

10 Toes to Bar

then… immediately into..

50 Bar Facing Burpee Cash out


**Time stop when your burpees are complete. Modify Toes to Bar with Hanging Leg Raises or V-ups.

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Old School

Thursday August 23, 2018


8 x 2 minute rounds of:

Run 200m

Kettlebell Swings (medium weight) OR Push Press (medium weight)


8 minutes to find a 1RM snatch

**Complete 1 rep per minute.


**Start with Run 200m and then do as many KBS as possible in the remainder of the 2 minute segment. At the 2 minute mark, head out for another 200m run and then do as many Push Press in the remaining time.  Continue alternating the pattern.  You will complete 4 rounds of each exercise.  Scores will be a total # of KBS and a total # of Push Press completed. Workout is 16 minutes total.  At the 16 minute, your 8 minutes to find your 1RM snatch begins. You will complete one lift each minute to find your max for today.

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Wednesday August 22, 2018

Strength Session:

4 rounds of:


2x Down/Back Single Arm Weighted Overhead Walk (use the heaviest DB you can, go wall to wall)

Max set of unbroken push-ups

**Rest 2 minutes between rounds


**Example: Start with right arm locked out overhead carry DB.  Walk Down to other side.  Switch DB to left arm. Walk back to where you started and repeat. Then, set the DB down and immediately go into a max set of unbroken push-ups. We will write down the score of all 4 sets of push-ups on the board. Use a deficit or go on your knees if necessary.




Double Unders

Side/Side Twists (35,25)(L+R=2, keep your feet off the floor)

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Bad Bar

Tuesday August 21, 2018







**You will have one bar today. Same weight for both movements. Choose a medium thruster weight.

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