Open Prep

Tuesday February 20, 2018


Every minute on the minute x 12

Minute 1: 4 Touch-n-go Deadlifts @ 75% of your 1RM

Minute 2: 8 Handstand Push-ups (Modify with abmats or regular push-ups)

Minute 3: 12 V-ups (modify with leg raises)

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Monday February 19, 2018


Five 3-minute rounds of:
10 front squats
10 box jumps
Row for max calories
Rest 3 minutes between rounds.


**Pick loads, rep numbers and a box height that allow you to get through the squats and jumps with a minute or so to row. However, you should need to sprint through the squats and box jumps to earn that time. The 3-minute rest will let you recover to sprint again in the next interval. Adjust after the first round if needed.

**The suggested weights for this were (185,125) with extra high boxes (36″,30″).  Scaled versions were (135,95) with box height of (30″,24″).  Modify more if necessary to meet the WOD description above.

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Fight Gone Bad-ish

Saturday February 17, 2018

(First WOD announcement is Thursday night)


6 rounds of: 30 seconds at each station for max reps.  No rest between stations.  30 second rest after all stations have been completed.  Score is a total number of reps completed.

Wall Balls (20,14)



Push Press (75,55)


Rest 30 seconds

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Breathe Deep

Friday February 16, 2018

(Some warm-ups are more fun than others!)



6 rounds for max reps of:

1 minute row for calories

1 minute KB Swings (heavy)

1 minute sit-ups

1 minute rest


***Your Score is the total number of reps completed over the entire workout. Try to remain consistent throughout the rounds.

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6 minutes of hard work

Thursday February 15, 2018

WOD Prep:

Back Squat


(Get prepped to hit your 1RM during the workout… This lifts should be warm-up weights that get you set and ready for the work ahead)


Review HSPU technique



0-2 minutes: AMRAP Handstand Push-ups (MOD with regular push-ups or abmat HSPU)

2-4 minutes: Rest

4-6 minutes: AMRAP Double Unders (MOD with DU Attempts…no singles)

6-8 minutes: Rest

8-10 minutes: 1RM Back Squat (as many attempts as necessary in the time limit to hit a 1RM for the day.  Ask for a spotter.)


**3 scores for today

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Sweetheart WOD

Wednesday February 14, 2018



With a Partner complete 4 rounds of:

8 Man-Makers / Partner does plank

20 Deadlifts / Partner does a Wall-sit

12 Thrusters /Partner does scissor kicks


Run or Row 2 miles 4×400 style

(one partner runs 400, the other jump ropes, then switch. Each person will run or row 4 times)


**switch places after each exercise. Example- partner A does 8 man-makers, then partner B does 8 man-makers, partner A does DL, partner B does DL, etc… continue until 4 rounds have been completed.

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Gold Medal

Monday February 12, 2018

Skills Session:

Double and Triple Unders



AMRAP in 8 minutes

8 Medicine Ball Cleans (Heavy)

4 Bar Muscle-ups


**Mods for BMU = 4 Pull-ups and 4 Ring Dips

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50-50-20 with a friend

Saturday February 10, 2018


With a partner complete:
6 rounds for time (3 each):
50 Double Unders
50 Double Crunches
20 Front Rack Lunges (115,75)(L+R=2)


**while one person works, the other will complete as many rounds as possible until their partner is done with one full round of:

Row 250m

5 Toes to Rings

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Friday February 9, 2018



Dumbbell Snatch (heavy)(L+R=2)

Burpees over Dumbbell (L+R=2)


Post WOD Skills Session:

work on your February goals for 20 minutes

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