I’ll admit it.  I am a floozy for the show MasterChef.  This show is all about home cooks who are in a competition showing off their skills and prowess in the kitchen and competing to become the authors of a cookbook.  I love it because this is a show about people, just like you and me, that have learned a skill and are trying to master it.  Sounds a lot like what we do each and every day inside the gym.  Learn a new skill and then try to master it.

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The first challenge that these cooks are given is to present the judges with their signature dish.  This dish is obviously supposed to be delicious, but it should also represent who they are as a person and gives the judges an idea of what style they will present from there on out.

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-What is your “clean” signature dish?  Make it and post a picture of it with the recipe for all to enjoy.  Include in your description how this dish is a representation of you as a person.

-Another way to think of this would be… “If I was a paleo recipe, I would be ________ because _______.”